I've been interested in programming since around 2004. Here you can find some of my software projects (most of them being game-related). My GitHub profile is here. The repositories at GitHub have up-to-date code from whatever projects I put up there and you can check them out easily with git or by downloading an archive.


A 2d game engine and in-game editor that allows live coding and editing of games. The engine is written in C and supports Lua scripting. Provides sprite rendering with animation, GUI, physics and sound. Uses an entity-system model throughout and supports serialization of all game data. I made the Ludum Dare 30 game "Reminisce" using cgame.

GraLL 2

My latest game project. Sequel to GraLL. Features Python scripting, proper save-load mechanism, dimension system, eye candy, and more. Click on the link above to check it out!


A interpreter written in C for a stack based language called 'nscript' I cooked up, inspired by FORTH, Factor et al. Motivation - pure boredom. Initial version was created over a weekend, but later I got back to it and added a few more things.


Integrates the Bullet physics engine and Ogre. People have found this very useful. Someone put up a video about it on YouTube and there's also an AUR package!


My first 'large' game and my first game to have its own website. It's an action/strategy game, where you guide a robot through 30 levels involving bombs, explosions, doors, keys, crates and other stuff. I've released GraLL's source code, you can find it here.

NGF (nikki's Game Framework)

A a set of framework classes in C++ that help write software, especially games, using Ogre. Provides a game entity and level management mechanism, a level-loading mechanism, a Blender exporter, scripting support, and some more stuff. Was used in GraLL and GraLL 2.

nikki DotScene loader

An old little piece of code by me that helps load DotScene XML scenes into Ogre. There's an improved version here.

Pong 3D

Everyone makes a pong game at some point, eh? So, this here is my first C++ game, and my first complete 3D game too. Pong + accelerating ball + 3D = Fun!


Yet another unfinished game. My first attempt at 3D in Game Maker. A first person shooter. This was a great experience in learning more about 3D rendering, rasterisation, math etc.


An unfinished game, also one of my first. It's a platform game, about a man stuck underground trying to get out. Made with Game Maker.

Space Age

My first game. About spaceships, bombs and explosions. Made with Game Maker.