I’ve been interested in rhythm and percussion since an early age. When I was around 8, my grandparents gifted me a ‘dumbek’ (a Middle Eastern and North African drum), which I played around with for quite a while. After that, when I was 11, when I went to India on a vacation, I joined Tabla (an Indian percussion instrument) classes. Since then I have attended Tabla classes regularly. I also play the ‘darbuka’ (another Middle Eastern drum), which I’ve learnt to play on my own, in my free time.

By experimenting with the Tabla, I learnt a lot about rhythm, about improvisation, staying on beat, the math behind music, and other interesting stuff. I have a Senior Diploma (year 2) in Tabla. :-) I am, although, completely inexperienced when it comes to anything about ‘melody’. Often, I try to make an electronic track, but I find that while I’m able to write really good beats the melodies are off.

Below is a list of some stuff I’ve done. Hope you like it! :-)

Videos Of Me

Me playing the Darbuka, a Middle Eastern percussion instrument. You can see a live visualisation on the right monitor behind me.

Me playing the drumkit (I’d just returned from school, hence the attire).

Tracks By Me

Electronic tracks I’ve made. They’re not that good, just something I cooked up because I was bored. Most of ‘em were made in a day, (couldn’t get myself to spend more time than that on a track). Right now I use two programs – ‘Buzz’ and ‘Renoise’.

Between The Seasons – Inspired by Photek and Seba stuff.
Ice Dance – Trying for a Photek-ish sound.
Untitled – Dancy track.
Become – One of my first tracks, kinda weird.
Black Pawn – Bad attempt at a bassline. I like the beats and pad synths though. ;-)

(will upload more soon, have to dig ’em out)






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