Reminisce: my Ludum Dare 30 entry made with cgame

OS/X | Windows | LD30 | Source | Timelapse

For a while I've wanted to enter in a Ludum Dare with cgame. It'd be a great way to see if it actually worked for rapid game development. And Ludum Dare needs rapid -- code, art and music in 48 hours! Few weeks ago I thought cgame was finally at the point that I could use it for one. So I did Ludum Dare 30 this past weekend.

Development went alright -- better than I expected, but not quite the best. I wanted to make some music and more levels, and was running out of time. Eventually I hit a point where I thought, "Hey, I think I can make it end here and have it make sense." So I just stopped there, cleaned up a bit, and it seemed to work out!

Also while working on this I added some little cgame features and fixes. It's also given me some things to think about to fix/add in cgame. In all, a great experience. I learned a lot about games, about making them, good talks with the community on IRC.

I think one of cgame's top priorities next is documentation. I'll make some tutorials and stuff hopefully soon. Till then, play my Ludum Dare 30 game and leave comments! :)